I love fast feedback. But last week I was reminded that slow feedback is also something very precious.

A fast feedback cycle is an extremely powerful concept when it comes to any kind of development. Product development. Software development. Personal development. And so on.

Try something. Get feedback. Adjust. Repeat.

In essence that is what my job and career is all about.

And feedback is commonly said to have to be timely to be effective.

Yet, last week, I was reminded of the beauty of long feedback cycles. In some cases, feedback may not arrive for weeks, months, or even years.

Seeds that I helped planting several years ago have now grown into something beautiful because of the hard work of other people over time.

Thanks to my friends and former colleagues, I had the opportunity to learn more about the progress that took place after my time with their companies. I'm so impressed by all their achievements!

This also got me thinking: is there someone I should reconnect with and let them know about the impact they had on my work over time?

Don’t forget to give helpful feedback, even when it takes a long time.

Have you had a similar experience? Who has made a lasting impact on your work that you could reconnect with?