Newsletters I read

By Kristofer Palmvik ·

I subscribe to a select few email newsletters that focus on slightly different topics. The list is updated whenever I change my mind.

Links to read more and subscribe can be found at the end of the page.

The Beautiful Mess

John Cutler is one of the most thoughtful persons when it comes to digital product development and all the surrounding work. A weekly newsletter exploring the beautiful mess of cross-functional product development. There is always something to think deeply around here.

Gad's Newsletter

Gad Allon, professor of operations, information and decisions scaling, writes surprisingly fun stories about operations, the gig economy, and supply chains. Some of my favorites include pieces about gondolas (like at a ski resort, but in different places), how to make food donations efficient, and how delivery services and cloud kitchens creates and reduces waste.


Trung Phan's SatPost is a great mix of interesting stories about everything between why LinkedIn is so cringe, how Mona Lisa got famous, what Apple and Amazon does differently, and whether Michelin stars still matter. One fun and interesting longread every Saturday, just like the name implies.

Milk Road

Crypto might feel a little bit 2021, but it is still interesting to have at least a clue about what is going on. Milk Road provides a free, short, and skimmable newsletter sent most days of the week about the most important developments. And usually some fun meme pics at the end.

Matt Richard

Matt, a former Kubernetes engineer and machine learning expert, writes a short but insightful observation every day. The topics vary between build systems, cloud deployment strategies, and large language models. Occasionally summarizes an interesting historical event or explains a term from computer science.