My job title is just developer. And that is just great

By Kristofer Palmvik ·

For many years, at different companies, my job title has been "Developer". Since my job is all about development in different contexts this is a perfect title.

My title is not front end developer, JavaScript developer, or database developer. What technologies and tools I use may change over time depending on the problem the team is facing. It can also vary depending on other factors, such as my personal interests and the technology landscape.

My title is not junior developer, senior developer, or principal lead staff developer. The experience level is something that gradually change over time with the different challenges we face, rather than being fixed since I started working. My experience and skill also vary a lot between different challenges and solutions, and hopefully develop a little every day.

Because the job is all about development.

As a part of a great team I strive to help develop a lot of different things...

- The product
- My experience and skills
- My colleagues
- My team
- Our shared understanding
- The tools we use
- The way we work
- The business
- The company culture
- Ideas
- Software

And that is what I really like about this job.